Restaurant Software

Online Menu Ordering

Customers can view your menu and order online.

Table Reservations

Customers can easily book a table in advance.

Order Ahead

Serve more customers in a day by allowing customers to order their food in advance when they make a table reservation.

Order for Later

Your customers can order their food 24/7 for a later pick up or delivery.

CompleteSEO has partnered with one of the best online menu services to offer the most restaurant-friendly, complete online ordering system for restaurants.  The best part? The restaurant can create its own online ordering system for free and with no monthly charges – yes, completely free!  Get unlimited orders with no commission fees.  We help restaurants keep their well-earned profit for themselves.


This video shows how simple it is for customers to place an order, and for the restaurant to accept that order with a simple tap of the screen.

Why Restaurants Love It

  • Increase sales
    • Online menu designed to stimulate appetite
    • Ease of ordering increases customer retention
    • Entice customers to book tables during down-times
    • Get more throughput at your tables by allowing customers to order their food in advance
    • Customizable order selections and add-ons create a great way to up-sell
    • Promote specials right on the menu
    • Easy to integrate on your website and social media platforms
  • Improve customer retention
    • Your own custom branding and full contact information
    • Ease of ordering brings customers back
    • Returning customer data is pre-filled
    • Less confusion compared to phone ordering
    • Real-time confirmation
    • Less time in queues
  • Free to low cost
    • Free for restaurants that use their existing payment and delivery methods
    • Premium features can be added at any time
      See our pricing page for optional features including: online payments, sales-focused website and advanced promotions
  • Increased conversions
    • One page checkout optimized to complete sales
    • Order confirmation in real-time
    • Mobile-ready for any online device
  • Save money:
    • No additional hardware rentals.  Simply use any smartphone, tablet or iPad to accept orders
    • Use your own photos or a selection of professional stock images we provide for your use
    • No commission and Unlimited orders
  • Easy order acceptance:
    • Ringing like a telephone in real-time, right at the restaurant
    • Tap the screen to accept the order
  • Business growth:
    • View your online order stats with online reports, delivery heat-map and more
    • Multi-location support

Why Customers Love It

  • Convenient
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customizable menu items (clients can select their choice of toppings, etc.)
  • No busy phone lines
  • No misunderstandings
  • Easy ordering
  • Easy checkout
    • No account required for checkout
    • Returning customer data is pre-filled
  • Fast order confirmation
  • No waiting in vain

How Does the Online Food Ordering System Work?

  1. Visitors click on the Menu & Order button which opens the online menu
  2. The customer simply clicks to add items to their order, and they can customize the food in any way your menu allows (for example, topping choices on a pizza).
  3. Once they have added all the food they want, they complete the order.
  4. You receive the order request on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) in real-time.
  5. You have 3 minutes to confirm the order.
  6. Depending on the payment methods you have chosen, the customer can:
    • pay for the food online before you accept the order, or
    • pay for the food in-person using the restaurants existing payment methods

View online demos:

How Does the Table Reservation System Work?

An easy-to-use table reservations widget is built into the system and can be turned on at any time (optional feature, but included in both the free and premium plans)

    1. Visitors click on the Table Reservation button which opens the booking form
    2. You receive the table booking request on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) in real-time.
    3. You have 3 minutes to confirm the reservation.
      • Customers can have the option to order in advance.
        Advanced ordering can allow for speedier dining allowing a restaurant to seat more guests during popular booking times

Power up your restaurant with an online food ordering system. ​

Online Food Ordering FAQ

Online ordering software lets customers place an order to a restaurant through a webpage or app. Here's a breakdown of how online ordering works:

  • Your customer places an order for menu items through your website or app
  • You receive a notification through your online ordering software (on any smartphone or tablet with internet access)
  • You review and approve the order
    Your customer receives a confirmation of their order
  • Your kitchen staff starts cooking
  • Beyond those basic ordering capabilities, online ordering software also helps restaurant operators capture valuable customer data.
  • You can choose whether you want the customer to pay in person during the pickup or delivery, or you can accept online payments too (online payment fees apply)




When you hear the order come in you can see the order details right on the screen.

Just tap on the screen to accept the order!

Optionally, you can also provide the number of minutes until the order will be ready for pick-up or time until delivery.

See the video above for an example.

  • The free version uses the restaurants existing payment systems - allowing in-person payment at pick-up or through their delivery person.
  • Online payments are a premium feature that can be added. It's your choice!

    Online payments can be added at any time for US$29 per month (gateway/credit-card fees are billed separately)


If you don't have a website (or you need an upgrade) we will generate your own fully functional restaurant website with online ordering for just US$9 per month.
You can also integrate the order buttons into your social media pages and posts, your Google My Business page, your online or paper advertisements, etc. 

Contact us if you need help with any of this. We are online marketing experts.


Yes, we support multi-location businesses. You can:

      • Manage multiple locations from the same account.
      • Share menus between locations.
      • Share promotions between locations.

We will provide two buttons and links: "See Menu & Order" and "Table Reservations". You can place them on your FaceBook page, posts, advertisements and add them to your website. (If you don't have a good sales-optimized website we can provide one for you for just US$9 per month). These buttons and links send your visitors directly to your custom ordering page where your visitors become your customers.

The system works well for restaurants that have their own delivery service.

  • Customize your Delivery Zones
  • Minimum Order and/or Minimum Delivery Fee options
  • Order for Later with scheduled fulfilment options
  • Online payment, cash and other payment options
  • Online payments can accept tips

This system does not connect to 3rd party delivery platforms such as DoorDash, Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes. There is a big benefit for restaurants that avoid using these services - they won't have to pay large commissions to these food delivery platforms (which take an average commission of 30% per food order).

If you choose to, you can use the system in conjunction with a food delivery platform, however you will have to modify the menus and restaurant information in both systems separately.

Yes, a 2017 survey conducted by Morgan Stanley found that 52 percent of take-out or delivery orders were made online, through a restaurant website, delivery service website or mobile app.

Increase customer retention, by adding the "See MENU & Order" & "Table reservation" buttons everywhere you can:

  • Add the buttons to your sales optimized website to make the online ordering process fast & easy
  • Place the buttons on your Social Media pages and posts.
  • Advertise your business, menu and specials online.

Talk to us if you need help with getting your restaurant found online - we are digital marketing specialists!

The minimum requirements are:

  • One dedicated smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) for taking online orders and reservations (per restaurant location).
  • A permanent internet connection for the order-taking device.

We also suggest:

To accept online payments:

  • Online payments can be added at any time for US$29 per month (gateway/credit-card fees are billed separately)

Yes, this is the most restaurant-friendly ordering system!

  1. Create your restaurant profile (it can take as little as 15 minutes!)
  2. Add your menu items
    • Add your own photos or use our provided stock-photos
    • Reusable choices and add-ons.
    • Drag & drop elements to reposition them.
  3. Install the order-taking app on your restaurants tablet or smartphone (takes just 1 minute)
  4. Publish the "See Menu & Order" and/or "Table Reservation" buttons on your website or social media pages (just copy and paste our code. It takes just 1 minute)

Yes, you can set up almost any promotion logic you can think of. The app includes Promo templates and countless ways to segment your clients. With the optional add-on you can also run multiple promotions simultaneously.

Yes, there are two options:

  1. Get your restaurant and menu listed on The FoodBooking App for free.
    This app helps customers find restaurants nearby based on their location. This feature is included at no additional cost.
  2. Get a Branded App featuring only your restaurant and all its locations.
    The app is customizable to reflect your brand.
    There is an additional monthly fee for the branded app. View our restaurant pricing page for more information.

If you want to use our online food ordering service but don't have time to set it up yourself, we are happy to do all the work for you!
We can:

  • setup your online ordering system and integrate it with your website (which we will also supply at no additional charge if required or requested)
  • provide required hardware (tablet and thermal printer - optional)
  • help you to maintain and update your online menu, add your promotions
  • set-up and maintain your online payment acceptance (optional)

A premium plan is a great option for restaurant owners and managers who are not tech-savvy or value their time. A hands-off approach that lets you get back to running your business.

View our pricing page for more information.

We partnered with GloriaFood to bring a fast and efficient food ordering platform to clients quickly and for free (or inexpensive if you choose to add some premium features). It is faster and less expensive than creating a custom food ordering solution from scratch.   It saves time, and it saves money. Something every restaurant owner values and appreciates!

Yes. You can provide your customers with optional choices and add-ons to customize their food orders. From a choice of toast to unlimited pizza or sandwich toppings, our software makes it easy for your customers to customize their meal order.  You can create a wide variety of selections and options for your customers to easily customize their order if you want to give them that flexibility.

In a time of skepticism it is an understandable question. We are offering the free version to help small-business owners compete with the bigger players without having to succumb to the high-commission online delivery services.  The free offer also helps get our business name out there. We also offer our support to those restaurant owners who don't want, or don't have the time, to do it themselves. And, we offer marketing services for those restaurant owners who wish to invest in growing their business.

This process is called "Freemium". Each restaurant can decide for themselves whether they want the Free version or a Premium version - and of course, they can try out the free version and decide later if they need or want our help and support.

We are a Canadian company located in Canada. In order to help Canadian restaurant owners compete, without succumbing to overpriced delivery services, we partnered with one of the best online food ordering companies out there - and to keep the food ordering software free, and to keep the premium features as cheap as possible, we don't pad our partner's pricing at all.  The pricing you see in the app is charged directly by our partner.

POS integrations tend to vary a lot in scope and complexity. Some are simple to integrate, others may be impossible to setup effectively with any online ordering systems.

If you want to integrate our system with your POS system for unified billing, more granular printing options and/or keeping a history of orders we may be able use our API to integrate with the POS system of your choice.

If you want to do it yourself, or use your own professional developer, we can supply the API information and access.

Contact us for more information.


How do I get started?

  1. The DIY Method:
    How to Do It Yourself! Simply sign-up for a free account to start. We’ll create your account and send you an email with how you can log in and start creating your new online ordering system. Just use the simple interface to build your online menu and add your restaurant details. Finally, add the restaurant widgets to your website and social media accounts to start taking online orders.
    Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, you’ll use our restaurant app to view and confirm the incoming orders.
    It’s that simple to have your own online food ordering website in just a couple of days.
    Just create a free account to get started!


  2. The Done-For-You Method:
    We will use the exact same software, but we will do all the work to create your online ordering system, and we can even supply the hardware. All you have to do is tap the screen to accept the orders (and cook the food 🙂
    Just create a free account to get started!

Power up your restaurant with an online food ordering system. ​