Review Marketing DIY Guide

Share and showcase your business’s 5-star reviews

You worked hard to get those 5-star reviews, now let them do the work for you. According to, 87% of consumers read online reviews about their local businesses in 2020, an increase from 81% the year before. The survey goes on to say that only 48% would consider using a business with a rating below 4-stars. Customer feedback is top currency in the consumer world and it’s time you use your stellar reviews to grow your business.

Today almost everyone is reading online reviews before deciding where to spend their money. They trust those opinions as if they were a personal recommendation from a friend.  And Google is taking notice too.

Positive business reviews improve your reputation and your branding, and they create trust. They are the high-value social proof consumers are looking for. A potential customer wants to learn from other people’s experiences before they trust you. Marketing these reviews helps you regularly create fresh new content. You can even turn suitable reviews (that are not time/product sensitive) into evergreen posts that continue to promote your company and bring in new customers long-term.

Now that you know why you need to market your reviews, let’s get into the how.


First take a screen grab of a public review and copy the text.
But, don’t just re-share the screengrab. Today almost everyone is reading online reviews before deciding where to spend their money. They trust those opinions as if they were a personal recommendation from a friend.  And Google is taking notice too. But Google likes to see original content, so let’s add some text to point out the details you want the public to notice and simultaneously create unique content for Google.


Add keyword-rich thank-you text.
Take the time to add original text to accompany the review-image by thanking the person who wrote the review and using this opportunity to mention the specific things you’d like the public to focus on. For example, “Thanks, Donna for the awesome review! We are thrilled to hear you love our sea salt scrub. It is one of our favourites too!”

See? It’s as easy as that. You acknowledged Donna’s generosity in taking the time to review your product and you also re-emphasized the product she loved. Now consumers know not only that you appreciate your customers, but they also know that they definitely need to try your sea salt scrub.

Here is a visual example of text that accompanies a picture of a review.

In this example, we included text from the review, and then added more text that worked in a few keywords such as the location, “family” and “dental care”. Ruth thinks Sante Family Dental is the best dentist in the region and now consumers also know that region is Kitchener, Ontario.

If you want to quote the original text, you can copy the text from the original source and paste it here. If it is just a short review such as “The best lawyer in town!” you can use the entire review text. But if it is a long review, or you just want to highlight certain parts of it, you can edit the review down to zoom in on certain keywords or comments. For example, to pull from another review of Sante Family Dental.

gentle dentist

Since the dentist wants to feature their “gentle cleanings”, we can creatively select the text that emphasizes that service and then enhance it with our own keywords.

“…I was comfortable throughout the appointment. The cleaning was great, no scraping tools, and my teeth feel amazing!…”. Thanks Alexandra for the awesome review! We work hard to provide gentle cleanings that are comfortable for our patients while providing the best cleanings and protecting tooth enamel. We are thrilled you had such a great experience!


Share and market your enhanced reviews.
So where are you going to market these enhanced reviews? Of course, one obvious answer is social media.  Post them on your Instagram. Tweet them out. Make them a regular occurrence on your business’s Facebook page. If you’re paying for social media ads, make customer reviews a part of your ad plans. But social media isn’t the only place to get these reviews working for you:

  • Get these reviews on your website and make sure to optimize them for the best results. Be specific – match up the review to the product or service mentioned in the review. 
  • Generic reviews work great on your home or contact page, but a review that specifically mentions how awesome your charcoal toothpaste is, put it on the toothpaste’s specific webpage to help close the sale.
  • Placing reviews on high traffic pages; product, pricing, checkout, or post-click landing pages, is key. Reviews here show transparency, grow trust, and give consumers the encouragement they need to complete a purchase.
  • Along with written reviews, use testimonials strategically throughout your site. Testimonial videos work very well, and you can use the same trick – adding keyword rich text that introduces or responds to the video and its contents. Ideally you should place video or other testimonials on the most relevant pages. If someone is reviewing your custom mouth-guards, put that testimonial on your custom mouthguard pages. If you have videos on lots of different product pages, try to be consistant as to where you place them on the pages so visitors know exactly where to find them.
  • If follow-up e-mails are part of your business practices add a review or two as a footer to your e-mail. A strategic review can serve as a gentle reminder that reviews are always appreciated, emphasize that your customer made the right choice with you, and possibly highlight a product or service your customer was not aware of or hasn’t tried.
  • Do you do email campaigns or send out a newsletter? Along with your updates and valuable product information, incorporate some reviews into the mix to let your readers know people appreciate what you are offering.

The sky’s the limit. Well almost.  Here are a few tips and caveats to make sure you are using your reviews in an appropriate way.

What to avoid:

  1. Don’t use private feedback, or reviews posted in private discussion groups. Only use information shared publicly.
  2. Share the positive things people are saying about your business. Make sure you choose reviews that highlight what you want to highlight and showcase your business at its best. A 5-star review that says “Great stuff,” while always appreciated, doesn’t provide a lot of material for you to build on.
  3. Timing matters. People want to read recent reviews. If your review was less than a month old, highlight the date in your post/ad. Let consumers know this is what people are saying about you right now.

Now not only do you have the 5-star reviews that show how great your business is, you also have the basic tools to take those reviews and put them to work to grow your business. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and what your satisfied customers are saying and take the time to share it with the world. Toot your own horn with your free customer-provided content.

For more information about growing your reviews, read “Why Reviews Matter

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