Dental Clinic Doubles Leads to Conversions


The Client

Front Street Dental: A dental office in the small city of Stratford , Ontario wanted to attract clients from cities within a 150km radius.  A very large target area for a service that requires customers visit their brick and mortar location.

The clinic had a website they were happy with, but they wanted more clients for their specialized dental work.

The Goal

The Goal required a three-part solution to attract both the local and more distant leads, and to convert those leads into paying customers.

Part 1: The Website

Although the client was happy with the look of their video-based website, they were unaware of its multiple problems:

  1. The website content was all contained in videos, with virtually no written content—a large barrier for getting found on Google.

  2. The website was very slow-loading, taking 16.4 seconds to load each page. It took so long that the browser would often display a time-out error before the homepage even appeared. This would cause potential clients to leave the site before they ever saw a single page. This issue also affected Google as they penalize slow sites—since they do not want to recommend sites that result in negative user experiences.

  3. The site did not work on mobile devices which both hampered the user experience and affected Google rankings.

Without changing the basic design of the website we made significant changes to the copy and background coding so the site attracted more visitors, engaged them longer on the site, and converted more visits to sales.

How we fixed it...

Website Copy

We wrote fresh copy to complement each video. And we created new web pages dedicated to each service, with new content and images to feature the higher-end, money making services that people would be willing to travel for.

Finally, we added Calls to Action (CTAs) to help turn visitors into leads.

Technical SEO

Without altering the existing website design we applied Technical SEO skills and reduced the site’s download time from 16.4 seconds to 1.3 seconds. 

We restructured the site architecture to make the site more user-friendly to keep people on the site longer.


We kept the old website design, but we edited the the client’s existing WordPress theme so that it worked on mobile devices and passed Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Part 2: Local SEO

We attracted clientele from the clinic’s local area – the city of Stratford with a population of 32,000.

How we did it...

Citations & Link Audit/Cleanup

Due to a recent name change, there were a lot of inconsistencies with existing links and citations on other websites. It looked like two businesses had the identical address and phone number. This not only created confusion for clients, but it also set up a red-flag with Google.

We informed Google of the name change and we sought out the incorrect citations and updated them.

Citation & Link Building

We secured more links and citations on other websites to get more visitors and acquire higher search result placements (SERP).

Citations act as a signal to help Google identify you and your geographical area. 

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your website.


Google likes to see lots of reviews. The number of reviews you have can influence where Google places your site in its SERPs.

We educated the client on the importance of getting reviews. We created a display in the clinic’s waiting area to promote honest reviews. As of this writing, the client has gained 35 reviews (averaging 4.9) on Google, and another 20+ reviews on Facebook & RateMDs.

Part 3: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing with Google Adwords reached potential clients who were not local to the business, but lived within a 150 km radius.

How we did it...

The client came to us with an existing advertising campaign using Google’s Adwords Express (now called Google Smart Campaign). The campaign was set up by the client over the phone with Google’s Adwords Express agent.

When we started to manage the campaign, we upgraded the campaign from Express/Smart to Google Ads Expert campaign. This allowed us access to all the benefits of the ad platform. By tweaking the campaign, monitoring and editing search terms, ad spend, keywords and ad text – we were able to greatly increase the ROI, while keeping the exact same budget.

We also improved the conversion rates by creating multiple ad groups that were tailored to specific search terms and lead the viewer to a page specific to their search term instead of directing the user to the more generic home page.

Ads for Dental Implants were now linked to the new Dental Implants page we had created; Cosmetic Dentistry was now linked to the new Cosmetic Dentistry page, etc.

The Results

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increase in
Leads to Conversions


increase in
Page Views

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year over year increase in
Views from SEO

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year over year increase in
Views from SEM

What Our Client Said

I have been working with Maxine and Mike now for over 2 years on my website and SEO and emails, etc. They have been a one-stop solution for all my internet needs - and by solution I mean excellent solution! They have nearly doubled by SEO performance from leads to conversions! Both Maxine and Mike are very detail-oriented so it has been so productive and efficient working with them (don't have to ask them to do something twice, etc). It has been a real pleasure and a big boost to our business... Keep up the great work!
Front Street Dental
Stratford, Ontario

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