SEO CASE STUDY: How a New Dental Office Gained Clientele
During a Global Pandemic


Our Client:

Sante Family Dental hired a local digital marketing company during the lead up their grand opening in October 2019 in Kitchener, Ontario.  The owner originally thought that using a local marketing firm would be a benefit, but in the days leading up to the grand opening, they felt they were not getting what they were paying for. The trust was gone. 

The company’s principals switched to CompleteSEO and have been very pleased with the growth of the company—even through the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Their trust in SEO is back.

The Goal

Sante Family Dental was a newly opened dental clinic in Kitchener, Ontario.  The company’s primary goal was to get new patients as quickly as possible.  The secondary goal was to promote specific services:  Holistic Dentistry, Air-focused Braces, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Family Dentistry.

Despite the start of the Covid-19 global pandemic a few months after the grand opening, the digital marketing continued.

The Strategy

  • 1
    For Fast Results:
    A Pay Per Click advertising strategy including Google, Facebook and Instagram helped build a the number of new clients as quickly as possible.
  • 2
    To Build Brand Awareness
    A social media campaign helped build brand recognition and made it easier for the clinic to sell its services.
  • 3
    To Build Trust
    A review building campaign helped grow 5-star reviews, which created trust for both potential clients and for Google.
  • 4
    For long-term growth
    A Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy was developed and started to continue to grow the company, month after month. Although SEO is a long-game strategy, it tends to have the best return on investment of any digital marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click Advertising

First we created a series of new pages on the website that highlighted the five specific key services Sante Family Dental most wanted to market.

Next, we created complimentary Google Ad Groups along with keywords and ad text specifically targeting each specialized service.

We then optimized the campaign so the ads would only show for people in Sante Family Dental’s target market (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the rural area around St. Jacobs) who were searching for the five key services.

Social Media Campaigns

To create brand awareness and gain trust in the local communities with brand recognition, we created page content specific to the services and locations the company served.

The content we created was a mix of images, textual information and videos, which we then posted on the client’s social media feeds including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Google My Business (GMB). 

We also used some paid advertising on the posts that had the most important content to ensure we got beyond Facebook’s filtering algorithm to reach the desired target audience.

Review Building Campaigns

To gain trust, we integrated our Review Building system into the client’s existing booking system, which allowed us to consistently build positive public reviews.

With this system in place, the client can effortlessly provide 5-star reviews and important feedback to the business owner.

Of course, this is all done while adhering to the Google Review Policy, maintaining the client’s online reputation—and ours!

Long Term Growth

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-game strategy. It takes time to implement and grow, but it is still known to have the best return on investment (ROI) of all digital marketing strategies.

By investing in Local SEO, we were able to get the client’s business on Google Maps and increase the company’s search rate for the client’s key services within their target market.

After one year, searches on Google started to receive more clicks on the client’s organic search and map results than from ads on Google.

This has a significant cost-saving benefit:  the client has to pay every time an ad is clicked, but the organic clicks and map clicks are free—no matter how many clicks they receive.  

The Results

Even during a global pandemic, Sante Family Dental is gaining over 100 new clients every month, month after month.

The number of reviews is growing consistantly, with a perfect 5-star average.

The SEO campaigns are driving more visits to the website, more phone calls and more new clients every month.

The map images below show Sante Family Dental’s position on Google Maps for the term “Family Dentistry“, before and after our work for them.

The red X shows that the business did not show up on the first 2-pages of Google (top 20 spots) in searches for “Family Dentistry” within their local target market.  But after our SEO work, Sante Family Dental is in the top 5 positions on the first page of Google results in local market. 

Before the Clinic Opened

"Family Dentistry" One Year Later

The map images below show Sante Family Dental’s position on Google Maps for the term “Holistic Dentist“, before and after our work for them.

The red X shows that the business did not show up on the first 2-pages of Google (top 20 spots) in searches for “Holistic Dentist” within their local target market.  But after our SEO work, Sante Family Dental is in the top position on the first page of Google results in every targetted area. 

Before the Clinic Opened


"Holistic Dentist" One Year Later

What Our Client Says...

"I have been working with Maxine and Mike on my website and SEO and emails, etc. They have been a one-stop solution for all my internet needs - and by solution I mean excellent solution! They have nearly doubled by SEO performance from leads to conversions! Both Maxine and Mike are very detail-oriented so it has been so productive and efficient working with them (don't have to ask them to do something twice, etc). It has been a real pleasure and a big boost to our business. Keep up the great work!"

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