Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of increasing a company’s sales (or increasing engagement for websites that are not profit-oriented).  SEO helps build a relationship between a business and their potential clients, by improving the trustworthiness and usability of the website, and the perceived client satisfaction of the business in order to bring a company warm Leads.
But isn’t SEO about Search Engines?

SEO used to be about trying to satisfy robots.  But today, search engines monitor user behaviour.  If a company is frequently recommended, and the company website is successful pleases users, then the search engine will happily send people your way.

Google shows different types of results for different types of searches. The three main types of results are:

  1. Paid placement: Companies pay to have their ads placed within the search results.
  2. Organic results: Google displays links to information sites.
  3. Local results: Similar to the Organic results, Google displays the links, but to local business websites.  Google may also show:
    • businesses locations on a map, and
    • a company’s contact information
    • hours of operation
    • links to website
    • reviews
    • and more 

Local SEO vs Organic SEO

Do I need Local SEO or Organic SEO?

Local SEO is usually the best for brick-and-mortar locations that cater to a local clientele; businesses like Dental offices, Pizza places, Coffee shops, Chiropractors, Car repair shops, Restaurants, Retail stores and many others.  It is Local SEO that helps when people search for “service near me”

It is also excellent for businesses that get searched for in a specific location. For example: car rental companies and tourist destinations.  If someone who lives in the USA is searching for a business service in your city (for example, “car rental in Toronto”), you have a good chance of being found with Local SEO.

 It is important to market your business with the correct type of SEO.

  • Organic SEO promotes a website and/or contact-information, often to a global audience.
  • Local SEO promotes a business to a local market and to someone searching for a business in a specific location

Chanticleer offers Local SEO, Organic SEO and Paid Placement advertising to bring you more calls from prospective clients in all your target markets.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of online advertising.  Your ads can be seen multiple times, but you will only PAY if someone clicks on one of your ads to visit your website, or phone your business.  With this method, you only pay for each Lead.

Paid Placement is a similar form of advertising, where you may also pay per click if someone visits your website, but you may also pay for ad views or other types of engagement – for example, paying for “Likes” or “Shares” on Facebook.

Do you need CPC or Paid Placement? 
If your business targets people outside of your local area, or if you are in a very competitive location, we recommend adding Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) and/or Paid Placement to your online marketing strategy.  

Request a free quote to find out what we recommend for you so you can reach your business goals. 

Many companies have a web designer, a webmaster, a domain registrar, a hosting company, a search-engine optimizer, and an online advertiser.

With All-in-One SEO, we manage all those services so that you have a single point of contact for service and support to save you both time and money.

We offer monthly contracts to maintain all these services and market your website.   We also monitor your website and your online marketing campaigns to make sure your users are happy in order to bring you more warm leads.

We can help you acquire new clients. And we will provide proof. You will know that you are getting a positive return on investment (ROI).

We accomplish this with website improvements, calls-to-action and bringing targetted traffic to your improved website, or calls to your company directly.

If you have a website that you are happy with and is working well for you, and it is both mobile-friendly and user-friendly, then we can work with your existing website.

But, if your website needs some improving, updating or a complete overhaul, we would complete the website work before beginning the online marketing campaign.

The reason for this is simple: We don’t want you to spend your money on advertising to new visitors until your website is able to convert those new visitors into sales.  

Typically, clients save money and decrease time spent on support by allowing us to manage all aspects of their websites.

We prefer to accept clients who desire this bundled service. However, if you are happy with your existing services we are happy to be another service provider for your brand.

Sometimes clients have trouble with their technology. It just happens. If any of that technology is not managed by us, we are less able to assist when clients need help. If we do manage the website and email technology, we can quickly and effectively review and resolve issues. We believe in this methodology so strongly that we will often buy out a client’s current hosting contract. This allows you to experience the benefits of All-in-One SEO right away. If you have a good reason to stay with your current host, feel free to talk to us about it.

We will not take chances with your online presence by employing risky online marketing. Your business is safe with us.

Having said that… and to be totally honest…
No SEO is truly 100% white-hat. Google does not want anyone to create content or links for the purpose of getting higher rankings on Google.  Since that is primarily what SEO is for, it can’t truly be called white-hat. 

Having said that… I’d say we are very light-grey. We get great rankings on Google for our clients without risking Google penalties. We won’t mislead people to a website they don’t want to be at, we just try to match a searcher with a company that is a good match for what they are searching for – if that company happens to be a client of ours.