Who We Are


CompleteSEO is the operating name of Chanticleer Complete Internet Inc. We created CompleteSEO to help companies get their brands, products and services found online.  We create a bridge that connects a business to the people who are searching for the products and services that the business offers.  We provide individual digital marketing services all the way up to an all-in-one online marketing solution for companies and organizations who want to grow and excel.

Our goal is not just to create a pretty website, instead, we develop a complete web presence that includes a sales-optimized website along with optimized social media profiles and other online entities; these work together to engage your audience, convert traffic to warm leads and increase sales.  We also provide content creation, social media posting, pay-per-click advertising and reputation marketing to create a custom digital marketing strategy to grow your audience and your brand.


We are a boutique marketing agency.

We don’t provide “packaged pricing” on our website because we prefer to focus on each client’s specific needs. Not only does a dental clinic have different online marketing requirements than a lawyer’s office, it probably has very different online marketing requirements than another dental office.  One company may offer different services, some may be in a more competitive area, some may need improvements to their online reputation, some may need more content or photography, some may require website improvements before the marketing can begin…

Although like some of our competitors, we could offer a pricing package that is large enough to cover our costs for all clients, we prefer to take the extra step; we get to know each client’s business individually and price the work according to what the client actually needs to reach their specific goals.

The more we understand the needs, objectives, and struggles of each client’s business and their market, the better we can develop solutions to solve the problems and create positive impacts.

One of our founders, Maxine Tubbe, wrote a book about digital marketing for a particularly hard niche where independent car rental companies have to compete with massive chains like Enterprise, Budget, etc.
You can check it out on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Our TRIPLE Guarantee

  • 1
    We only accept one client per geographic region – you will never be competing against our other clients.
  • 2
    We will provide regular reports of what we are doing and how your SEO is performing. You’ll know we are actually doing the work you requested and you will be able to monitor your Return on Investment (ROI).
  • 3
    We guarantee results or we work for free until we earn them.

Our SEO Services

Whether your clientelle are global or local or anywhere in-between, we can help grow your company, bring you more leads, increase sales and improve your ROI.

Can't choose?

Not sure which SEO service is right for you?
Find out for free.
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Complementary Services

We are unique. We offer Complete SEO services that include everything you need to have a web presence that succeeds for you.

Our complete approach makes things easy for you. Just one number to call if you have questions or need support. You’ll have more time to focus on your business, while we focus on bringing you more warm leads.


Mobile-friendly website updates and fresh content can help convert your new SEO leads into customers.


We can manage all your domains so you don't have to worry about losing them. We also absorb all the spam often sent to domain holders.


Reach customers in competitive markets, or outside your local area, with online advertising.


Make your customers happy while keeping Google happy. Our professional copywriters write for people as well as for search engines - for websites, blogs, press releases, social media...


Creating content, posting regularly to platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin to engage your audience and boost your SEO.


Our regular reports clearly show how well your online marketing is working for you. And it comes with a guarantee!

From the Heart

our mission statement

Chanticleer Complete Internet Inc will provide Internet solutions and service for our clients. Through our work, we will honour God and respect the environment.

Our purpose is to provide:

expert consultation and advice concerning website development and online marketing through SEO and online advertising
dedication to address each client’s individual needs
reliable websites, internet applications and services that provide a positive Return on Investment for our clients
dependable support

Green Hosting

our environmental commitment

Chanticleer Complete Internet Inc. supports local electricity generation from clean, renewable sources in order to help fight climate change and air pollution, and help fund new green energy projects

For us, being an environmentally-friendly company is not a fad. We have advocated Green initiatives since 1997.

More information on our green hosting is available here.