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The Client

A law firm wants their firm listed on the first page of Google for high-volume keywords in a large local market of half-a-million residents.  They want top search results for competitive terms such as “legal defense”, “defense lawyer” and “criminal defense attorney”.

The Goal

The firm has a website, but no SEO services in place. Their website was currently appearing on the second and third pages for their preferred search terms. No one was finding their website.

Our goal for this legal team was to create an SEO strategy that would provide online visibility improvements consistently, month after month. 

Our Strategy


  • Competitor Analysis:
    • review local competition’s Google’s ranking
    • understand competition’s placement strategy
  • Link Analysis:
    • review links to the client’s web pages from other websites
    • review links to the competition’s web pages from other websites
    • understand where the links are located and the content connected to those links
On-page SEO

Website Work

  • Technical SEO:
    • Implemented technical improvements of the client website, including: improving the loading speed of the website; verifying the website is responsive and works on mobile devices; correcting robots.txt files; meta data, etc.
  • Website Trust:
    • To get listed high on Google’s search results Google needs to trust you.  Using Google’s own Quality Guidelines, determined the necessary changes needed to improve how Google perceives the website. 
  • Website Content:
    • Developed and implemented new content and optimized the existing content specifically targeted for Google and for lead generation, including understanding the content that is getting first page results for each specific keyword, and creating calls to action (CTAs) to encourage cold leads into warm leads.

Off-Page SEO

  • Signal Creation:
    • Earned links, citations and mentions of the client’s business name, location and niche on webpages Google deems important for the client’s niche and target location.  Links pointed directly to the client’s website or to other client’s brand pages that Google deems important.
  • Deep linking:
    • Created a second link layer to increase the trust value of the signals by getting websites to link to the webpages that link to the client’s website.  
      Boosted the authority and online visibility of the website by using this highly-effective deep link building strategy.

The Results

After just 4 months

Our goal for this legal team was to create an SEO strategy that would provide online visibility improvements consistently.  We had incredible results early and the client can continue to expect improved rankings with increased earnings month after month moving forward.

0 %

Increase in Website Traffic

Visibility On Google:

"criminal attorney"

1st Page of Google
#1 Position

"criminal defense lawyer"

1st Page of Google
#6 Position

"criminal defense attorney"

1st Page of Google
#7 Position

"criminal defense"

1st Page of Google
#7 Position

0 %

Return on Investment

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